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Etherendy - Premier Collection

1. What is “Etherendy”?
"Etherendy" is a brand of non fungible tokens and its
collections, created according to the ERC721
standard. Each "Etherendy" token is linked to one real artistic
physical artefacts, and/or it's digital existing form.
"Etherendy" is the first brand to create a link between
classical, traditional art collections and cutting-edge blockchain

2. What is "Etherendy - Premier Collection"?
The “Etherendy Premier Collection” consists of 500 tokens,
accompanied by a highly artistic porcelain tile collection of no less
than 500 artefact pieces.


Each physical piece has a unique factory branding and
registration number, which can be retrieved at any time by entering
it in the perpetual register of the manufactory, which has been kept
for 197 years.

The physical pieces of the collection are handmade and handpainted in one of Europe's most famous porcelain manufactory, located in the heart of Europe founded in 1826 in the 19th century. 

The trademark of the "porcelain" manufactory is one of the most valuable among porcelain art collectors around the world, so your badge should have a guaranteed basic value, so that the initial value of the collection and its elements are not in question. This is probably the first time this has happened for a token collection in the global history of non fungible tokens.

This artwork appeals both to collectors of special and very rare porcelain and to token collectors and investors who want real value rather than speculative theories in exchange for their crypto.


Classical art and cutting-edge blockchain technology are creating new value and renewing the market for classic and digital art.

3. The physical artefacts in the "Etherendy – Premier Collection"

The collection includes 500 unique, handmade and hand-painted works of art by one of  Europe's most famous porcelain manufactory that is one of the two most famous porcelain brands in Europe, known and loved worldwide, and which has been in continuous operation since 1826.

It is a true classic that has been around for centuries and will continue to be of value for centuries to come.

- Each piece is original, one of a kind hand made artefact.
- Size 35x45mm, thickness approx.3mm at the thickest part.

The motif set is divided into 6 main groups, each motif set
contains 6 pcs unique designs, and one group contains 5 pcs designs. Overall there are 7 groups, where the 500 artefacts and their token pairs are logically located. See the "Token rarity" menu point of this site for more info and visual examples of the collection. 

- All items in the collection are documented and archived in the
manufactory's 197 years old “Book of Products” archive.

- All items are hand-painted, hand-gilded and individually serial
numbered by the collection and by the manufacture as well..

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