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The collection

Unique logo marking -a collectible thing-

 In the upper right corner of each physical piece is a stylized 

ether-like logo, which is applied to the item in the same way 

-by hand painting- as all the other paintings in the manufactory.

 It is a unique marking operating on two colours. 

The main groups with the fantasy name all have a unique 

group sync code, which is the sync code of the lower part of the logo element.

 Syncing the top of the logo element 

creates 5 additional combinations within the main group.

 The logo combinations with the same colour and the logo combinations 

with partial or full gold colouring are the rarest in the whole set.

This feature of the collection 

should be a special compliment to any true collector:


**  How many tokens with a special colour combination can you collect? 

**  Have you managed to get a token with a logo entirely in gold ? 

**  Do you have the complete set of "Forbidden Fruits" ? 


Everyone has equal chances in the campaign to have rare, 

or super rare tokens. 


At the time of purchase, everyone will buy from a 

large stock, but you will not be able to choose 

which of the 500 tokens will go to you. 

The tokens will only be revealed later, so until that moment no one 

will know which items of the collection they have owned. 

Percentage distribution of the main groups in the set:

Wild Flowers of Atlantis

100 pieces: 20,0%

Roses of the Guru

100 pieces: 20,0%

Birds of Shambala

100 pieces: 20,0%

Fishes of Gaia

99 pieces: 19,8%

Forbidden Fruits

50 pieces: 10,0%

Gold of the Dying Stars

36 pieces: 7,2%

Tokens of El Dorado

15 pieces: 3,0%

The 7th element: 1 piece (out of set, serial number 000/500)

All tokens has it's exact physical pair. All digital tokens was created from the original token photos of the connecting artefact

Below you can see how many of a given specimen occurin the collection and what the rarity of that number of specimens is -expressed as a percentage.

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