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The physical artefacts

- Each piece is original, one of a kind hand made artefact.

- Size 35x45mm, thickness approx.3mm at the thickest part. The
motif set is divided into 7 main groups, each motif set contains 5-6
pcs unique designs.

- The collection includes 500 unique handmade and hand-painted
pieces of art made by the one of the  most famous European porcelain brand, well known and loved by collectors
worldwide, which has been in continuous operation since 1826.

- All items in the collection are documented and archived in the
manufactory's 197 years old “Book of Products” archive.

- All items are hand-painted, hand-gilded and individually serial
numbered by the collection and by the manufacture as well.


The packaging

The packaging and long-term storage of the collection is a key part of
its design.

The physical tokens are delivered to customers in painted wooden
boxes with a window for viewing and we recommend that long-term
storage is also done in these boxes.

This is a sleek, robust, valuable packaging from which the
“Etherendy” piece need not be removed, yet can be enjoyed

for a long time by its owner,

either on his desk or hidden in a safe.

When designing the box, we took care to ensure that its appearance
served the physical case, and its proportions were designed accordingly.
Its shape is soft, its feel is pleasant, its appearance is eye-catching
and it makes you want to touch it. For both oriental and western collectors,

it presents an interesting design that suggests security and value.

Dimensions of the two-piece folding box:
width: 85mm
height: 58mm
depth: 100mm
weight: approx. 250-255g

The box's viewing window is made of real glass.
The wooden box will also be placed in an outer cardboard box and
delivered to the owners.

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