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The 7th element

The collection has a special piece (and a special artefact), which bears a unique serial number.

This is the so-called "motif piece" , serial number 000/500

and we organised a collecting metagame around it..

The name of the token is “The 7th element”, which suggests that the motif of the tile is the 6 different Etherendy group logos, creating the seventh, the physical piece.​6 of the original Etherendy logo designs from the collection are painted on the token.

Which logo symbols ? It's the great mystery! The token can have any 6 logos!​“

The 7th element” will be auctioned off after the campaign, with the exclusive participation of former “Etherendy P.C.” customers with special rules.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The token has a special ability, it collects 25% of the royalties from any Premier Collection

nft token sales in the secondary markets for a whole year!  


The token will be auctioned off to Premier Collection owners who have at least

one from these 6 samples on one of their token..​


The "7th element" motifs will be revealed 90-120 days before the auction.

Follow the project on our channels for exact dates. 


Along with the token, the winner (after a KYC process) will also receive the total royalty

collected with the token in Ethereum as a Grand Prize. 

The new owner will receive 15% of the royalties on the secondary market sales of the Premier Collection for a further year and an additional 10% for a further year after, making this a very valuable grand prize token, as it will collect the share of the collection for 3 years. 

(Exact conditions may vary, we will release the Term of Sale of the auction later on this year)


The auction is scheduled to take place one year after the start of the

main sale started  Collectors will then have 365 days to prepare for the auction.

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