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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What rights does the token holder have after the purchase?
Answer: The buyer / owner owns the token and the physical artwork as a
whole composition.
The motif on the front of the physical object, together with the unique logo
and serial number, constitutes ownership. The obverse motif cannot be cut,
you do not own the elements separately and you do not have the right to
use them independently for any purpose.
You have no right to any mass reproduction that implies commercial
activity. For individual, gift or decorative purposes, you may use the motif
in its entirety together with the logo and the serial number on the front.
You may not reproduce the back side factory serial number, unique
security markings and factory branding, whether for individual or mass
reproduction. Keep them to yourself and do not disclose this information
about your token under any circumstances.

Question: How many tokens can I buy at a time in the campaign ?
Answer: The number of tokens that can be purchased at one time is unlimited, but for technical reasons it is limited to 30 in one transaction.

First come, first served!

Question: What guarantee do you give for the artwork?
Answer: We guarantee that all physical works of art will be shipped in
perfect quality, in perfect condition. If the artwork is damaged in transit,
you must document this when you receive the parcel, i.e. if you receive a
parcel that is opened or visibly damaged, you must only accept it in a
documented condition and contact us immediately after.
If you remove the item from its storage box, all liability ceases. You may
remove it, we do not prohibit it, but if it is damaged, dropped, broken or
otherwise damaged while removed, you are responsible and will not be
entitled to any compensation or damages. The box is designed to protect
the object from mechanical damage, but if you take it out of the box, this
protection is lost and we cannot be held responsible for any damage to it.
The physical artefact is solid, around 3mm thick, which makes it durable
and because the paint and varnish is applied at 1200 degrees Celsius, it is
resistant to most materials such as common liquids. If for any reason the
object becomes contaminated, clean it with a dry or slightly damp soft
cloth. Never use abrasive or abrasive tools or objects. Never put in a
dishwasher machine, microwave, ultra sound cleaner or washing machine.
Treat the object as you would a work of art, with care and caution, so that
you can enjoy it for a long time.

Question: On second thought, I'd like you to buy back the token, along
with the physical artwork. How can we arrange this ?
(We don't think this question will be asked too often, but in the interests of
fairness, we're going to write our answer here. )
Answer: The "Etherendy" site operators and campaign organisers, as well
as the original owner, will not buy back the tokens sold. All sales and
purchases are final and non-refundable. If you wish to sell your token, we
recommend that you do so on one of the secondary marketplaces.
"Etherendy" offers the "Galaxis" community for this purpose, where you
can safely sell your excess "Etherendy" tokens.

Question: How long is the expected lifetime of the artefact?
Answer: Porcelain has an extremely long lifespan. The chemical bonds
formed at 1200 degrees Celsius make the object extremely durable.
Some porcelain objects are thousands of years old and date back to the
time of the Chinese emperors.
The paint does not fade, does not crack, and does not change in the
porcelain material for hundreds or thousands of years.
These works of art are truly made to last forever, they will far outlive their
makers or original owners.
That is why we have used original wood and glass for the box, to preserve
the artwork for the owner for as long as possible. The "Etherendy "will
exist as a real asset that can be inherited, sold or preserved by your family
for generations as a unique and rare digitally preserved treasure. 

Question: Who is behind the Etherendy premier collection ?

What the future plans are ?
Answer: The Etherendy collection was privately commissioned and is
owned by investors with a web3 interest. With the successful sale of the
collection, the goals of "Etherendy" are to provide an opportunity to
connect old and new values by tokenizing global fine and classic art.
The fusion of modernity with classical art creates a new value market for
tokenised art.
In addition, our aim is to give the NFT platform a new -real- value in the
lifetime of the tokens from the very beginning and help it to step out of the
shadow of speculative investments, thereby reducing global investor fears
about the intrinsic value of nft tokens.
Limited, classic art collections will continue to be regularly presented
under the "Etherendy" brand.


More questions? 

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