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Geometric Abstract Shapes

Future plans

How a brand sees itself in the future, what perspective it can offer its investors and how it can maintain interest in itself is always of paramount importance.

The Etherendy brand is driven by the idea of creating new value in a modern, 21st century world that wants to successfully combine artworks , collections with the latest blockchain and token technology. 


Modern technology will continue to evolve in the life of the brand.

Our plans include the application of a chip on our physical artworks, which, with a special solution, can contain the unique identifier of the artwork, its ownership history, price history and a wallet, along with multimedia content.


The application of this chip is already beyond the prototype development phase, with the first application expected in our campaigns in 2024.

The sub-application of this chip will be extended to Premier Collection items as soon as the chip and the necessary technological developments are ready. This will be conditional on the Premier Collection being successfully sold to collectors.   

In addition, the Premier Collection will provide its owners with a number of benefits in specific areas. We are currently in talks with video game makers who would like to use the token as a treasure or as a special power-up in their games. We would also like to see this line expanded.

And at last but not least, in the future, all of our "Premier Collection" tokens will have significant discounts for their owner.. just wait and see, a beginning of a new era for collectors is near! 

We are confident that the collector community will take notice of the collection and understand that a new era of tokens has arrived, in which new values and new opportunities will be unlocked through their proper use, based on blockchain/nft technology, going beyond the speculative dumping of the first years, bringing to the fore the tokenized market of classic and genuine collectible classic artworks. 

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