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About Project Etherendy

The Etherendy Premier Collection was privately commissioned and is
owned by investors with a web3 interest.

With the successful sale of the collection, the goals of "Etherendy" are to provide
an opportunity to connect old and new values by tokenizing global fine and classic art.

The fusion of modernity with classical art creates a new value
market for tokenised art.

In addition, our aim is to give the NFT platform a new -real- value in the
lifetime of the tokens from the very beginning and help it to step out of the
shadow of speculative investments, thereby reducing global investor fears
about the intrinsic value of nft tokens.

Limited, classic art collections will continue to be regularly presented
under the "Etherendy" brand.

You can reach the management at : or via the Discord server


"Etherendy - Premier Collection"

is a private collection in private ownership, 

the sale of which does not constitute a commercial activity.

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