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Etherendy will by real phygital tokens.

The first tokenised artefact collection.

We are now working on unique physical chip certificates for the collection

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Completely unique, handmade, handpainted porcelain artworks  made in a world-renowned

European located "Herend Porcelain Manufactory" that has been in continuous operation since 1826.

Graphic Spiral

Limited amount

All Etherendy tokens are dynamic, it means they have several utilities on its. Most of the utilities are working as serious discounts for the next Etherendy token sales. All of the tokens are registered individually on the Ethereum blockchain. Their collection values will be the basis of some interactive collabs in the soon coming future, where Etherendys will useable as special items, item boosters or treasure tokens.

There are only 500 tokens in the collection and they will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

No purchase limitation.

Do you need a dozen ?

No problem, but don't forget...

First come, first served!

We have 500 tokens only

Tokenized classic art

The “Etherendy Premier Collection” consists of 500 digital tokens, accompanied by a highly artistic porcelain tile collection

of no less than 

500 artefact pieces. 


 The physical pieces in the collection are handmade and hand-painted in Europe's most famous porcelain manufactory known and loved worldwide, and have been in continuous operation since 1826.


 Each physical piece has a unique "Herend" factory branding and registration number, which can be retrieved at any time by entering it in the perpetual register of the manufactory, which has been kept

for 197 years.

Highly collectible

The collection has 500 tokens

in 7 groups. No two same tokens.

Exciting project for every

serious collector!

Wild Flowers of Atlantis 

100 pieces - 20,0%


Roses of the Guru 

100 pieces - 20,0%


Birds of Shambala

100 pieces - 20,0%


Fishes of Gaia 

99 pieces - 19,8%


Forbidden Fruits 

50 pieces - 10,0%


Gold of the Dying Stars 

36 pieces - 7,2%


Tokens of El Dorado

15 pieces - 3,0%


1. The world's first tokenised collection of classical artefacts
2. High collectability due to unique markings and motif groups
3. Unique project - physical artifact and non fungible token in one
4. Premiere edition of a limited number of pieces
5. Classical European art
6. Highly listed, classical manufacturer still operating since 1826 
7. All physical items have been produced and are ready for shipping,

no waiting time after the campaign.

8. Super-limited collection, 500 pieces only

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